1 août 2013

What Silverfish Is

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What Silverfish Is 0SQ0cgC

Silverfish are those silvery or greyish, torpedo-shaped bugs that are between 12 – 35 mm in length. It’s distinct features is its 2 antennas and it has no wings. It also has three antennae like features on its rear end. It moves in a fishlike motion. This is the reason why it is called silverfish.

Many people know nothing about silverfish. Sometimes, people would ask what a silverfish does inside at home. They have questions about whether it does harm to people. Are there any dangers attributed to having silverfish at home?

When it comes to harm it brings to humans and animals, it is safe to say that silverfish are harmless. This is because it cannot sting nor bite. Moreover, it has no known venom or toxin. Silverfish are scavengers and they scavenge food that is starchy. They would do no harm to any person or living being. These bugs are cowardly, that they run away at the first sight of light or danger.

Another thing about silverfish is that they are not known to bring any disease or parasite. This is a good thing because many bugs like cockroaches, bed bugs and mosquitoes are known to bring various diseases to humans and animals. Thus, silverfish do not bring any health risks.

Silverfish are damaging to property. Given that they feed on starch and dextrin, they would feed on books, wallpaper, glue, book binding, clothing, leather, paper and many other things at home. Because of the damage silverfish bring, many consider: check out this site for more information.

Silverfish maybe harmless to human health, but this doesn’t mean they should be accepted at home. Always remember that this bug can cause damage to anyone’s property.

31 juillet 2013

My Lovely Pet

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This is my incredible dog. He loves to play and run after his tail.

29 juillet 2013

My Life Is Outlined Here

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I am not sure with regards to you but my buddies are delighted to know me, I’m a colleague you’ll be able to count on.

There is nothing on earth I love more than rugby. Of course this isn’t the sole hobby I am into. But you will get to discover more about me as you continue reading my future journals. Be sure to come back and see me in a short time.

And oh before I fail to remember, I planned to share with you my favorite quote. Money won’t make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves. – Zig Ziglar

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